The Start

Hedaya Ahmed Malak Wahba is an Egyptian Taekwondo Female athlete who started playingTaekwondo at the age of 8 in the Egyptian Shooting Club, a club that is well known for its world class Taekwondo history.Hedaya chose to play Taekwondo to follow her older brother’s footsteps who was a junior national champion.She won her first gold medal at the age of 11 in Egypt’s Nationals under 12years old,& was the youngest Egyptian player ever to win the senior national championship at the age of 14

The Start cont..

Hedaya achieved several arab & african medals with the junior Egyptian national team, then joined the senior national team in 2011. She suprised everyone when she started her senior career with a consecutive unprescedented series of victories & international titles.

Important Milestones

  • Hedaya was nominated to a training camp with the French female National team, the best female team in Europe, with whom she was able to win the 3rd place in the 2014 Teams World Cup in Mexico. This took hedaya to the 3rd place in the International ranking .
  • Hedaya was introduced to Egyptian media in December 2015 when she was able to clinch the Gold medal in the WTF Final Grandprix in Mexico, overcoming the 1st & 2nd world ranked players. For the first time, millions of Egyptian witnessed Hedaya side by side with the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt in his speaches & in national events.
  • Hedaya recieved glamorous attractive offers to play for other countries, specially as she has a US nationality through her american mother, & inspite of all the temptations offered to her as an important world class athlete who is always a candidate for olympic medals, but the thought of playing for anywhere except her Egyptian flag never crossed her mind. For the first time in the sport’s african history, hedaya agreed to play against a morroccon disabled player in the final of the african paralympic championship 2016, and allowed the morrocon champ to win her first title.


Hedaya has become one of the best female athletes in Africa & the Arab World, & one of the most important female taekwondo players in the world.After being that close to achieve an olympic medal in London 2012, she finally did it in Rio 2016 olympics after a 4 year path of hard work & state of the art taekwondo quality, accompanied by the support & prayers of millions of Egyptians..

Hedaya not only captured the hearts of her people in Egypt, but she also fascinated the international taekwondo scene.The World Taekwondo Federation crowned Hedaya with the title Miss Grandprix in Moscow.She was also chosen as best player in Fujaira international championship, in addition to numerous titles, with the Princess of Hearts remaining as the most suitable for her .



  • Gold medal in African Games
  • Silver medal In Military World Games
  • Gold medal in Cyprus Open Championship
  • Gold medal in 6TH Egypt Open Championship
  • Bronze medal in U.S.Open Championship
  • Bronza medal in Grand prix Roma


  • Bronze Medal in 5th Egypt Open 2018-Alex
  • Silver medal in the African Championship - Morocco
  • Bronze medal Mediterranean games in Spain
  • Gold medal in Russian open championship
  • bronze medal in rige open championships
  • Silver medal in Croatia
  • Gold medal in French Open International championship


  • Silver medal in French Open International championship
  • Bronze Medal in 23rd Zagreb Croatia Open 2017


  • Gold medal in the African Championship
  • Bronze Medal in Rio De janeiro Olympic Games
  • Silver Medal in the WTF Final Grand Prix Azrebijain


  • Bronze medal in Austrian Open
  • Bronze medal in Grand prix Moscow
  • Gold medal in Polish Open
  • Bronze medal in Indonesia Open
  • Silver medal in African Games
  • Gold medal In Military World Games
  • Gold medal in Kazakhstan Open
  • Bronze medal in Croatia Open
  • Gold medal in The Final Grand prix Mexico


  • Gold medal in Luxor Open
  • Gold medal in Bahrain Open
  • Silver medal in African Championship
  • Bronze medal in Australian Open
  • Bronze medal in French Open


  • Bronze medal in Mediterranean ChampionshipTurkey
  • Silver medal in Islamic Solidarity championship


  • Gold medal in African qualifications for LONDON Olympic games
  • Silver medal in US Open
  • Silver Medal in Dutch Open
  • Gold medal in Spanish Open
  • Gold medal in Universities World Championship